So You Want to Write A Children’s Book

So You Want To Write a Children’s Book: Resolution

March 9, 2014

Resolution   Check in: Reading: One of my students says “the library is becoming my second home.”  It is there she discovered the work of William Steig admiring his gift for wordplay, wit and invented words.  Steig, who never spoke read more »

So You Want To Write A Children’s Book: Conflict

February 24, 2014

  CONFLICT! Check-in: Reading   One student shared a perception she had after reading Bob Shea’s Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great (Hyperion, ages 5-8),  a book almost entirely written in dialogue about a goat who mocks a unicorn before finally coming read more »

So You Want to Write A Children’s Book: Motivation

February 14, 2014

Checking In: Reading At the end of every class my writers borrow books and we begin by speaking about them. One writer voiced a negative reaction to a book because “It was just too long!”  This raised an interesting point, read more »

So You Want To Write A Children’s Book: Reading Like a Writer: Characters

February 8, 2014

An important part of my class, and my own process, is learning from current literature.  There is a great difference between reading books to begin to understand the literary landscape (an important facet of your 10,000 hours), but a different read more »

So You Want to Write a Children’s Book–Searching for Characters

January 29, 2014

There are all kinds of entry points for stories— image, situation, an idea that provokes wonder. I’ve begun with all of these, but have had the most success when I enter a story via character. A character you care about read more »

So you want to write a children’s book: Introduction

January 20, 2014

Last Monday I started a new class about writing children’s books, “So You Want to Write a Children’s Book.”  I teach two sessions–the first focuses on structuring stories and the second on viewing important elements of style. Six stalwart children’s read more »