Children’s Book Coaching

Children’s Book Coaching sessions are for children’s book writers who want to transform their manuscripts. You can:

  • improve your craft
  • increase your understanding of writing
  • deepen your characters
  • clarify your ideas
  • strengthen your voice
  • strategize to combat your common writing tics
  • better understand your writing gifts

These sessions can be:

  • single, or in a series
  • in-person, or on-line
  • weekly, or periodic

In these sessions you can:

  • build a manuscript in a series of small manageable guided steps
  • attain consistent support for ongoing projects
  • prepare a manuscript for self-publication
  • discuss question and concerns specific to your manuscript
  • brainstorm new possibilities and directions
  • recognize and maximize your natural talents
  • get unstuck


  • The fee is $100/hour
  • Evaluation, editing and number of sessions are project-dependent

Book Coaching

To learn more, or arrange a session, contact Susie.