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Collaborations with Peg and Julia Gignoux

Participating Artists: McGirt Horton Library Youth Patrons
Recipient: McGirt Horton Library, Greensboro, NC
Fall 2005

We Need Books, Too! began in September 2005 when children and families of the McGirt-Horton Library met for a series of sessions with writer Susie Wilde. They created the story of Sunnie, who understands that the magic of reading lets even a rooted sunflower travel anywhere! Adults and children invented character, motivation, conflicts and finally, a happy resolution. They used acting, games and reading to discover sparkling words that made their writing shine. In October, Peg Gignoux, textile artist, facilitated a series of surface design sessions with the McGirt-Horton patrons. Together they became story illustrators designing brightly patterned cloth via dye and ink. Fabrics were cut, fused, stitched and beaded into a three paneled garden complete with wizard, books and a library. This Story Quilt serves as a tribute to a dedicated group of writers and artists and a library that cares about its children.