Book Surprises

When I send books to Boston, I never know what’s going to be a hit.  I had several surprises when I visited in June.


I’d sent a pre-Father’s Day book and was shocked to learn it was such a hit with both Catie (who can “read” it) and Zach who wants to hear it over and over again, Matthew Logelin and Sara Jensen’s Be Glad Your Dad…(Is Not an Octopus!)  (Little Brown, ages 2-6). The book introduces the subject mildly, saying you might not be glad when your father is “bossy, grouchy, or just totally gross.” Then it swings into the absurd by imagining a bizarre string of fathers–a father who licked your face like a dog, or was as disgusting as a dung beetle.  The back matter reveals interesting animal facts, but my kiddos were mostly interested in the silliness!

Again and again Catie wanted to hear Sally Rippin’s Billie’s Underwater Adventure (Kane/Miller, ages 3-5)  about a preschool heroine, Billie. Billie B. Brown who enters school reluctantly, is frustrated when Miss Amy, the teacher, has already promised the mermaid tail to another girl.  But Miss Amy promises a glittery piece of cloth that is perfect for becoming an underwater creature who can save her friends from an gloopy sea monster.  Catie loved the glittery fantasy, has a teacher named Miss Amy and is a girl who loves to imagine (more about that in the next post).

Today I’m sending Rippin’s Billie’s Great Desert Adventure (Kane/Miller, ages 3-5), another in this series imported from Britain.  I’m guessing the flying carpet and treasure fantasies will also hook her!




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