Catching Up

A phone call last week revealed so many new things…and so many book possibilities to send!!!

Baby Zach is talking.  “We think he’s saying Mama,” Ben said.

I thought, it’s time to send Jennifer Plecas’  Bah! Said the Baby (Philomel, ages 3 and up).  “BAH!” reads the speech balloon of a baby dressed in a bright red onesie. The adults and sibling scramble to figure out what he wants.  Book? Ball? Bow?  The Baby’s thought balloon in response reads, “?”  More guesses, more confusion for the baby and that one repeated word. A stuffed toy? Block? Bottle?  “Bah-bah” says the baby and lifts his arms cluing everyone in to the fact he’s saying “goodbye.”  Baby gets the last word, it’s “Bah!”



Even though there’s still snow piled outside, Catie’s been talking about the beach, so I sent , Lucy Cousins’ Maisy’s Seaside Adventure Sticker Book (Candlewick, ages 21/2 -3). More than 120 stickers boasts the cover and there are plenty of places to add them as  the book follows Maisy’s beach adventure. Wide expanses of primary colors make up the backgrounds providing plenty of space  for child to add characters and elements for a perfect beach day.


I figure it must be egg-dyeing time and because we built a chicken bond when Catie visited, I sent Julie Paschkis’ lyrical dreamy P.Zonka Lays an Egg (Peachtree, ages 3-6). The heroine is mocked by the other three hens on her farm because she “looked down at the shiny green grass and gazed up at the deep blue sky.”  Pale mornings, dark moss, and stripes on crocuses interest her more than laying eggs.  All those elements make for a colorful ending, a Ukranian pysanka  egg.




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