Ladybug Girl

My Ladybug Girl

My Ladybug Girl

Ladybug. It’s Catie’s nickname, how she dressed for her first birthday, and it’s one of her favorite characters, Ladybug Girl!


On October 22nd, David Soman will be at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill at 4 to sign books.  And I wish Catie could be there!  I told her Daddy about the signing and his comment was, “Catie just had me read her that book several times.”



I’m assuming that book was the most recent I’d sent,  Lady Bug Girl and the Best Ever Playdate (Dial, ages 3-6), the eighth in the series. The husband-wife team of David Soman andJacky Davis showed once again that they have their fingers on the pulse of preschool problems as Ladybug girl (aka Lulu) has Finny over to play and is so enchanted with her playdate’s “Rolly-Roo” toy, she forgets about her friend. But once again, Lulu shifts into her characteristic imaginative mode and the problems are resolved easily.

Ben’s comment reminded me of the reason for my call.  As my children grew up, I took them to signings, driving an hour to Ventura for an Adventures for Kids event. The owner, Jody Fickes Shapiro, hosted fabulous signings, complete with treats in this children’s-only bookstore. It was Jody who recommended that I photograph my children with the authors and paste those pictures into the books I bought.

We have an entire collection. Emmy at 2 weeks old, held by Charlotte Zolotow, all of us dressed in red to greet Aliki one Valentine’s Day.  Ben posed with James Marshall after he’d gotten over his I-hate-books temper tantrum when I wouldn’t buy him a puppet.


Charlotte Zolotow and Emmy

Charlotte Zolotow and Emmy

Here was my idea. I thought that I could go to the signing, get a book autographed for Catie, take a picture of the author and then Ben could photograph Catie with the book once I sent it.  Yes, it sounded convoluted but that’s how much I wanted this legacy to continue for my grandchildren.



If I were to take Catie to the signing (sigh), I’d get Ladybug Girl: The Super Fun Edition (Dial, ages 3-6).  It’s the original story and sets the tone for future adventures of a little girl with a HUGE imagination. The book includes a paper doll with oodles of costumes, a poster and stickers.  A sure hit for her fans!

Just today, Naomi (or Ba-Ba as Catie calls her other grandmother) wrote to say that there’s a bookstore nearby that hosts children’s book signings.  There may be hope for my grands yet!!!

If anyone does go to the signing…please send pics!



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