Little Blue Truck Rides Again

“I know you have a board book of Little Blue Truck, but would you like a lap-sized board book?”  I asked Ben as I readied the next Catie-Zach package.



When Catie was tiny, Ben told me that Alice Schertle’s Little Blue Truck (HMH, ages 1-5) was his favorite read-aloud. “Horn went beep./Engine purred./Friendliest sounds / you ever heard.”   What could be better than the repeatable rhymes, bouncy meter and a cheery hero who utters a “beep” to every farmyard animal he meets?  There’s a story as well.  This little truck aids an unfriendly dumpster who’s gotten stuck in mud and when Little Blue is trapped in this same mud, his barnyard friends come to the rescue.

I have adored Alice since I met her at a SCBWI conference in the 1980’s. I’ve loved her work as well, for her books understand the developmental levels and needs of young children.  The stalwart Little Blue has starrred in three picture books now.  In the sequel, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way (HMH, ages 1-5) he heads into the noisy city and saves the day amid traffic jams.



During the holidays, Little Blue introduced counting fun and a suprising glittery finale in Little Blue Truck’s Christmas (HMH, ages 1-5)



Lap board books, oversized and durable, make a lot of sense for family sharing, epecially when everyone in that family loves the story.

2 thoughts on “Little Blue Truck Rides Again

    • Susie Wilde on said:

      She’s so in tune with what little ones love, isn’t she? Not to mention fueling the passion of small vehicle lovers!

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