Now and Later Shower Gifts


I’m putting together a shower gift for a baby boy and am going to include a bunch of books–some for now, some for later.  Among them I’m including:


1. A French import:  Sleep Softly: Classical Lullabies by Brahms, Schubert and Debussy (Secret Mountain). It’s performed by L’Esemble Agora and illustrated by Elodie Nouhen with soft pastels.  The music’s for now, but the stories behind the selections are for later.




2. Janee Trasler’s Bathtime for Chickies  (Harper, ages 1-3) joins her three other board books (she’s written them for pottietime, bedtime & dinnertime). All have rhyme and tell of naughty, saucy chickies who make their animal caretakers a little crazy. (I just discovered all three also come with audio links)


3. Todd Spector’s  How to Pee (Holt, ages 2-4) was penned by a family physician who wanted to take the stress and strain out of toilet training.  He came up with and explains each pose and Arree Chung comically illustrates “free style” variations like “cowboy style” and “rocket style.” This book is certain to relieve tedium and frustration and may inspire some wild fun in the bathroom.

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