Reruns Re:Fun

I feel a little redundant in my sending, but I know children love the familiar.



Can I help it if there seems to be a wealth of birthday-themed books?   And it seems Catie’s ready for Jonathan London’s  eccentric, exuberant Froggy who’s appearing in his 25th book, Froggy’s Birthday Wish (Viking, ages 3-5). Bouncy Froggy has an extra spring as he sings “Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!”  His birthday buzz is brought down when it seems everyone has forgotten his special day.  But no!  There is a wonderful surprise waiting for the wishful, animated birthday frog.

Last year, Catie had a bit of a hard time understanding the logic of Hide and Seek Harry, a hippo who thinks he’s hidden, but his bulk is always pretty obvious.  Now he’s back in two adventures, Hide and Seek Harry at the Playground  and Hide and Seek Harry On the Farm (Candlewick, ages 2-3).   Neither bench, seesaw, cornfield, nor cow can disguise Harry.  Last year explaining the situation delayed Catie’s giggles.  This year I suspect the effect will be instantaneous.



And for Zach?  Karen Katz, the mistress of baby books,  has re-released her Peek-a-Baby (Simon and Schuster, ages 0-2)  in lap-sized board book.  Sturdy flaps replicate baby’s favorite early  game as children of all ethnicities hide under an umbrella, a cowboy hat, and behind curtains.  Great for shared reading as Catie lifts flaps for her brother.


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