Snow time is over! Let beach time begin!


Zach's warming up

Zach’s warming up


Catie started talking about the beach before the snow vanished and now that the Massachusetts weather has become spring-like, Zach’s playing outside and I suspect they’ll soon be ready for sun and sand.

I sent Catie two fancy Nancy books to celebrate, bpth based on the work of writer Jane O’Connor and illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser.

Sand Castles and Sand Palaces (HarperCollins ) models all kinds of beach fun and provides 30 stickers so children can add to the scenes.

An I-Can-Read Fancy Nancy Peanut Butter and Jellyfish  has more of the typical wordplay as it introduces all kinds of fish.  The book is set in one of Catie’s favorite places, the Aquarium, or as she called it last year “The Maquarium.”

And to initiate Zach to beach fun, there’s Sebastien Braun’s new beach-based board book, Can You Say It Too: Arf! Arf! (Candlewick). Large flaps reveal animals, locations and their sounds. The seal arfs from the rocks, a dolphin eeks behind a sailboat, a hungry seagull squawks behind a beach ball, a crab snaps beside the beach castle, and a fish glug, glugs in the seaweed.


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