What A Wonderful World

I remember someone telling me after my mother died that I would probably have “grief bursts.”  But I’ve recently discovered that grandchildren bring “joy bursts.”  I had more fun in a grocery store than I have in 30 years, as Catie and I rushed to the restroom and she called back to Ron, “We’re dusting you, Grandpa.”

Catie and "Ganache"

Catie and “Ganache”

There was an Indian wedding for 500 at our hotel so Ron and I took Catie, who loves princesses, to see all the gorgeous dresses.  She paused and posed before the flower-bedecked Ganesha.  Catie,  a foodie-in-the-making, called him Ganache.



On our second day we shared Tim Hopgood’s new illustrations for Bob Thiele and George Weiss’ What a Wonderful World (Holt, all ages).  The brilliantly colored pictures are full of what little girls love best–butterflies, flowers, and rainbows.  Read-singing the gorgeous words and holding the future in my lap gave me goose-bumps. Then I mucked up words and tune.  This was easily solved and the experience became even more poignant when we linked to the Louis Armstrong’s singing.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkTLIO2zanM)

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  1. Allicyn Wilde on said:

    Catie still talks about the beautiful dresses at the wedding, and the book is amazing. Catie is so lucky to have such a great Gima and Grandpa, and she knows it! 🙂

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