What is the G’ma-Catie Bookclub?

After my Christmas mailing, my son told me that the packages I sent wrapped, arrived unwrapped. Standing in line at the post office several months later, I was thinking about a solution to better book sending and missing my little Catie like crazy when I spotted these crazy looking festive mailers.

Crazy Festive Mailing Envelopes available at USPS

Crazy Festive Mailing Envelopes available at USPS

The G-ma-Catie Bookclub was born!!!!

My granddaughter, Catie, comes from generations of readers. Her great-grandmother was a reader, so is her grandmother and her mum.

When she was on the inside, the first party I ever threw her was a baby book shower. Her parents came to Chapel Hill and I gathered my friends who brought their favorites titles to contribute to the library of the yet-to-be-born-Catie. Thanks to my generous friends, I packed up books for month and they have pleasing the little girl ever since!

Catie’s parents read to her from birth–before nap, before bed and about a million times in between, basically, every time she reaches for a book (and she reaches for books often). What I remember about the constant reading during my parenting years is that there can never be too many books. So I’ve been sending books which cost next to nothing when you ship them off via media mail.

I put books aside that make me think of her–sometimes based on her developmental level, sometimes because her parents alert me to what she’s wondering about, often because of something I learn in Skype session, mostly because I get a gut feel a book will delight her. I send sporadically, but try and get a book in the mail once a week.

She’s not yet 2 1/2 years old, but already her father reports that when those envelopes arrive, she knows there’s a book inside just for her and the goofy looking envelope is from her G’ma is loving her.

I thought it might be helpful for grandparents near or far (or their offspring) to have a peek at the books I’m sending. So, you’re invited to be a member of the G’ma-Catie and to launch your own. Please comment on what you’re reading these days so other grandmother’s can share!

8 thoughts on “What is the G’ma-Catie Bookclub?

  1. P.S. Love the mailers. My grandson is local but my great niece and nephew and my god daughter are far away.
    My god daughter, now 6, said to me last time I saw her, “Carol can you start sending me real gifts now? Not books.”

    • Susie Wilde on said:

      That is a really sad story…real gifts? she may return to the fold one day! Who knows how long I have before Catie comments in the same way?

  2. Kirsten Olson on said:

    My 20-month-old grandson’s favorites are Giraffes Can’t Dance, Little Blue Truck, and Going on a Bear Hunt. He loves to read to with Grandma! 🙂

    • Susie Wilde on said:

      All great choices! Ben’s first favorite was Little Blue Truck–a I loved because I know the author. I also found it in Spanish and there’s a sequel Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. And here’s a must-have for your grandson: Little Blue Truck’s Christmas! Have you tried as well Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherrie Dusky Rinker? It’s got a massive number of vehicles, great meter and rhyming and is a nice slowdown bedtime read. It’s also one of my favs!

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