Zach gets it!

Zach gets it!

Zach gets it!


He’s not much older than a year, but apparently Zach gets the significance of the brightly colored envelopes that arrive from G’ma.  Instead of taking a book to his daddy to read the other night, he brought a newly arrived package he knew contained a book!


Yellow Copter


I’m sending him Kersten Hamilton’s Yellow Copter (Viking, ages 1-3). There are bright colors, lots of sounds, and rhyming in the short story of Yellow Copter, a rescue vehicle, who saves a teacher from the top of a Ferris wheel.  I’m wishing Zach were here to go to the NC State Fair and see a real Ferris wheel (preferably without someone on it who needs a rescue).


A New Friend (The Adventures of Sophie Mouse)


And speaking of getting it, I’m not sure how often to send Catie novels—of course it depends on the length and interest, but I have lots of questions.  Is she a series lover or not, do they read a chapter every night?  Sigh! So many questions.  Makes me really excited about seeing them in November!


At any rate, I’m sending the first in Poppy Green’s Sophie Mouse series, A New Friend (Little Simon, ages 3-6). Speaking of questions, curious Sophie is full of them.  She wonders about how fast a bee flies, what her new classroom will be like…and then questions friendship with the new student, Owen the Snake.  A sweet story, loving family and a simple problem which, of course, leads to a new friendship.  Will Catie and her parents discuss prejudice?  Even if this theme passes her by, I think she’ll like the character and story.  I’ll have to call and find out!

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