Activity kits and fun facts keep kids entertained

I returned from a visit with my grandchildren to find two books I wish I’d had with me. Emily Bornoff’s “Where Did They Go?” (Candlewick, ages 3-6) is a deceptively simple seek-and-find book. The rhyming text describes animals and their habitats. Each page ends, “Where did the bushy-tailed squirrel (or sandy-haired addax, or giant tortoise…) go?” The animals are hard to find which makes perfect sense as the afterword offers information on each of the endangered animals pictured.





Olivier Tallec’s “Who What Where?” like its companion, “Who Done It?” (both from Chronicle, ages 3-6) is fabulous for observation, imagination and discussion. One page asks a question, for example, “Who’s looking in the mirror?” and the opposing page offers a “line up” of animals and humans. Readers must collect clues from subtle detail differences to discover which character’s appearance answers the question.



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