Maiden’s Music

Catie was raised bilingually, her tongue trained early to find sound and sense in both English and Spanish (and sometimes a cross between the two). For over a year, the family was fortunate enough to have Tash, a Spanish speaking family friend, care for all of them. Tash, her husband Kevin, and her two children have had to relocate, but the Ben and Allie and Catie still speak Spanish, so I’m always looking for books that represent that meld. I look for books but a book-CD blend was even better. Samantha R. Vamos’ The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred narrated by Adriana Sananes music by Chris Kubie (Live Oak Media, 28 minutes)

Chris Kubie’s Latin rhythms make perfect background for Vamos’ cumulative bilingually- flavored text about a farm maiden who’s stirs up a delicious arroz con leche with the help of barnyard animals. The sound effects of these animals and their mini-characterizations are a definite addition to the story and make the Spanish meanings clearer. But it’s Adriana Sananes’ narration that takes center role, as it should. Her weaving of language contributes to the musicality and she finds a perfect path between the lulling tones of the tale and the more exciting bouncy moments.

I popped it in the mail before I headed off to work in Salisbury, NC for a week. Got a lovely text from Allie while I was away: “Gracias for the book, G’ma! We love the Spansih and the cooking tie-in!”

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Catie, Allie and the Farm Maiden

Catie, Allie and the Farm Maiden

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