Raffi Still Rocks!

Last summer, Raffi released his Love Bug, Raffi Love Bug, Raffi (available through raffinews.com) Listening transported me back decades to when my children were young and I was immersed in the Raffi-experience. I’ve changed over the decades and so has he. His voice has grown richer and so has his creativity, range and repetorie. He’s evolved to become a perfect match for today’s more sophisticated parents.

Raffi’s definitely kept up with the times in terms of his songs’ content. He begins with “Blue White Planet,” a song about the aiding our earth. It has soothing singable lyrics that are stronger than the message. “Cool Down Reggae” switches to complex instrumentation and rhythms that make you want to dance. “Doggone Woods” pairs nature and dogs with jouncy playful rhythms and features a really fun howling chorus. “Free to Play” almost has gospel tones for parents that worship at the church of children’s innocent play. “Love Bug” sings of the “deep inside…where the hugs come from” and there’s a children’s chorus and a bit of mouth instrumentation as well.

Raffi has been advocating for children his entire career, and this new collection reflects everything from his concern for the things that will affect child’s lives to the playfulness of the moment that affects their Now.

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