Stress and laughter

Waiting for a baby is stressful, at least it is for long distance grandparents. Oh, let’s face it, for all grandparents. Catie’s brother’s due date has come and gone, and remembering my waiting, I thought this week the best fit would be a book that was a playful, easy read.  

I think I found perfect one–Yusuke Yonezu’s board book, Guess What-Fruit  (Michael Neugebauer, ages 2-4) The book opens to show two facing pages that seem to have the same image. One page depicts a fruit, but the image facing it, the one that appears to be the same, is covered by a sturdy flap. Lift the flap and surprise…it’s not a fruit after all, there’s an animal hiding beneath . On one side is an apple. But that second apple? Lift the flap and you discover a monkey with red over-sized ears. A banana becomes a duck’s bill, and so on.

 Catie’s life is soon to be full of surprises. I thought I’d add one more.

There’s more of the same fun in Guess What-Food .

4 thoughts on “Stress and laughter

  1. loretta hopper on said:

    Kids love books like this one…The element of surprise makes it so much fun! It introduces them to the concept of predicting… what could the word be, what comes next and does it make sense.

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