Visiting Catie

Just back from Boston and I’ve once again been smitten by our little Catie and am in awe of Zach’s baby-newness and the sweet relationship this family is building.  I realize now I’ve got change the name of these posts to the G’ma Bookclub (G’ma-Catie-Zach book club would just be too long, wouldn’t it?)

One of my (many) realizations was how a short book can provided an instant, easy way to provide an older sibling with quality attention. It was lovely to see how often Catie asked for a book and how happy her parents were to share one with her.  And her G’ma was a total sucker for the “just one more” at bedtime.   Now that Catie’s long-distant grandparents aren’t there for daily support (and I’m missing them like crazy) of course I have to pop a book in the mail.

Until I visited I never thought of the multiple facets of Karen Katz’s Where is Baby’s Belly Button (Little Simon, ages 6 months-older sibling who shares). This is especially easy to share in its new lap-sized board book form. For small babies the lift-the-flap book is a great way to introduce body parts, but a big sister/brother can join in the fun too! “Where are baby’s eyes?” asks the first page. Lift the floppy brightly-colored hat and you’ll see the eyes and the words “under her hat!” Pictures are bold and bright, flaps are sturdy, there’s lots of diversity in the babies pictured and it’s a perfect vehicle for new families.

Catie training Zach in the ways of book pleasure. She spontaneously picked up a book and read aloud to him!

Catie reads to Zach

Catie reads to Zach

What’s she reading? Eileen Christelow’s Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (ages 0-4), an excellent read aloud choice.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Catie

  1. loretta hopper on said:

    Awww… so sweet! Congratulations, and way to go Catie! What child doesn’t love Five Little Monkeys? Excellent choices, G’ma.

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