I wonder what Catie will think of….

Anton Poitier’s I Wonder Who? (Kane Miller, ages 2-4).

“I wonder who has eaten the page?” say big bold words across from a flap with nibbled ends.

“It’s me, caterpillar,” answers the colorful crawler who’s licking its lips.

On the same page are clues about someone with “snappy” teeth (an crocodile who’s large jaw pops out of the book) and someone with a “springy tail” (a pig who’s curlicues loop between two pages).

I’m going to find out what Catie thinks because I’m not sending this book in a colorful envelope, but taking it with me. “Surprises on every page” exclaims the cover and it seems to me a the fifteen pop-ups are the perfect critturs to travel with me!

When my children were young I put these books up for special sharing. But now I’m a grandma, I wonder what I will do?

(Grrr–trying to post and Amazon doesn’t give an image—guess you all will have to wonder until I can post a picture of myself with Catie.)

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