Only 57 hours left on our Kickstarter for Lenna’sGift

Hello all,
For a year I have been working with Mariposas, a vibrant community of Latinx youth and their families!  We’ve written an allegorical story about a river who wants to be big and strong. After flooding, Moon boasts about achieving this goal to Moon. “Big and strong aren’t always best,” points out Moon who observes, “The spiders’ webs are torn, and the grasses lie bent and broken by your waters.”  
River finds a new meaning for big and strong when he becomes an ally for Lenna, a strong young woman with a powerful plan.
Presently, Steve Godwin, book designer is completing Lenna’s Gift design and we plan to send the book off for printing very soon.
We have only 56 hours left on our Kickstarter. 125 backers have pledged $6,347

on a stretch goal that will bring more than 500 books to communities all over the country that serve immigrant populations.

Today Elise Palmer published a wonder article in the Daily Tar Heel that links to our Kickstarter.  Enjoy reading!

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