Planting Hope- Planting the Seed

A year ago I began a children’s book with PORCH.  This whimsical allegorical story tells of a magical golden seed, Hope, and Terra, a dedicated gardener, who cares for her.  Together they unify a bickering garden.


Watering Hope

Watering Hope

The project began with planning.  I met with Susan Romaine, one of the three founders of PORCH. She told me how PORCH has united the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community to relieve hunger. In six years, their easy-to-implement, efficient organization has spread to include 150 neighborhoods and has reached beyond to other communities around the country. But what gave Susan the most joy was a surprise effect.  The founders hadn’t expected the joy that came as neighbors, who might never have met, now meet and laugh and chat together.  She dreamed of a children’s book that would inspire other communities to replicate their model…and their joy.

Today, after a debate night that reflected the painful divisions in our country, PORCH has launched a Kickstarter to get the book into the hands of children and spread the wonder of PORCH into communities near and far.

Now, more than a year from sowing the seed for the book, the book is on its way to the printer, and, with hope and help, it will reach those who need it.  And I am remembering all that has come before and am inspired to write about it.

Please support this Kickstarter–here’s the link:







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