Planting Hope- The Seed Sprouts

Once the story was written, Peg Gignoux began working her illustrative magic.  Peg Gignoux is a fabric artist in Chapel Hill with whom I’ve worked on many community outreach projects.  She excites children with color and design, collage and illustrating.

Peg begins by helping the children dye fabrics in a wild array of colors. And all in plastic bags!  It’s always a miracle to me when I see final illustrations that all the magnificent textiles began as white fabric. I’ve often heard Peg refer to this beautiful bounty as “a marketplace of color.”

Dyeing Fabric

Dyeing Fabric

Everything gets even more colorful when the children stamp on the fabric they’ve dyed.

Collaging Color

Collaging Color

They cut up swathes of color and combine them into patterns until collages become dirt….


Making Dirt

Making Dirt

and illustrative details like worms…




and butterflies…



and watering cans….



and magical plants…..




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