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I fell in love with a picture book this week–Dave Egger’s Her Right Foot (Chronicle, ages 8 and up). I can’t wait for my STEAM class to begin on Friday so I can share it!!



Eggers begins by telling about the engineering and history of the Statue of Liberty, but he does so in his own comic, intimate style. That’s engaging enough, but the ending has a uniquenss and beauty so perfect for today’s troubled world that I can’t read it without crying.  Suddenly and surprisingly, nearing the end, Eggers suddenly shifts focus and zooms in on the broken chains at the statue’s base and the way her right foot is lifted as if she’s heading somewhere.  Nope, it’s not off to “SoHo to get a panini.” She’s an immigrant and she has welcomed millions of other immigrants to our shores and “how can she stand still?”  There’s more and when I read the whole ending in class, I predict I won’t be the only one in tears.

My workshop is still open for registration. So come and discover this and other meaningful STEAM books as well as fascinating discussions. The information is below & you can always contact me for more. Please pass this on to writers or teachers you might know!


Reading Methods To Bring STEAM Into Your Classroom

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) are changing education! In this participatory workshop, teaching professionals will examine, analyze, and discuss recently published STEAM books. Together we will produce a collaborative resource of the most useful books. This 10 hour class will earn teachers 1 CEU credit.

Dates and Times:  Friday, 4:30-8:30 pm & Sat. 9:30 am-3:30 pm, Oct. 6 & 7

Location: Susie Wilde’s home, 7400 Talbryn Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27

Fee: $125

Registration Link:


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