How To Create Children’s Book: A Collaboration

SlideWith so many children’s book writers frustrated about entering mainstream publishing, are ready to create their own books.  The problem is…they can!  I have seen (and helped to create) some excellent self-published books, but generally the quality of self-published children’s books suffers from the fact that, unlike traditional publishing, there is no filter.

My wish is to help raise the bar and I want to track the process for blog readers.  At this point I’m following my own advice—replicating what traditional publishing does and putting together a team—already on board are: writer-illustrator Anne Runyon  and book designer Julia Gignoux with whom I’ve done several previous book projects.

We had an exciting initial meeting this summer where we rolled out a plan.  We quickly realized the collaboration of three busy women meant progress is slow.  This seemed perfect however because the star of our story is slated to be Slide, a mantle slug Anne befriended last year.  More to come on this subject!

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