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Any one who knows me, knows I’m a slow reader who avoids long books. But I’ve recently discovered a new author who can engage me, even in the midst of the reading-challenging pandemic! Proof? I leapt right from completing Alix E. Harrow’s first book, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, into a second, Once And Future Witches (Redhook Publishing) and for a second time found relief through escaping into the 500+ pages of her storytelling. In the latest tale, Harrow takes readers to 1893, to a location and time still when women are still smarting from the recent Salem Witch Trials.

Three separated sisters, Bella, Agnes, and Juniper Eastwood, reunite in a rebellion to organize strong females against a dark power who presents as a repressive politician. Harrow, an extraordinary writer and world builder, draws on history, folklore, fairy tales and pairs the powerful metaphor of witchcraft with her stunning lyricism.  You can order that book through Indie Books by clicking on the book above as well the first book (below) which is the focus of the video below!

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