Susie WildeAll presentations draw on the power of books and writing, but each is specifically designed for the purpose and audience. Reading associations, for example, may want to focus on the best new books of the year while a parent organization targets books that enhance family communication. A specially designed early reading bibliography encourages preschools parents’ reading aloud, parents confused about Common Core State Standard writing objectives will understand better through a hands-on experience. All events provide an opportunity to slow life down and celebrate the pleasures of reading, writing and community. Most presentations come with a bibliography specially-designed for the event. Presentation can be an event based in informative, entertaining book discussions, or encompass both talk and a hands-on element. Fees range from $300-$600 depending on scope of the event. Expenses are not included. Below find some examples.

Once Upon a Lap

The workshop begins with a presentation of books for young children that encourage reading and thinking. These include a demonstration of books that teach important skills such as prediction, rhythm and rhyme. Other topics covered might be suggest ways to discuss values, helping children over life’s little bumps, and recommended techniques to support children in becoming lifelong readers.

Audience: parents, families, teachers of preschool to 2nd grade
Length of Presentation: 75 minutes

Susie with large bookWilde Awards Live

An animated presentation of the best books of the year covers everything from baby’s board books to young adult novels.

Audience: teachers, parents, children’s book writers, all children’s book lovers
Length of presentation: 75-90 minutes

Good Book, Bad Book

Susie Wilde has a celebrated collection of truly terrible “bad books.” Workshop participants are invited to examine these as well as recent picture books that may or may not be “good books.” Participants’ evaluations lead to the development of a criteria list critical to a book’s success.

Audience: children’s book writers, parents, teachers
Length of presentation: 75-90 minutes

Think, Wonder, Risk

Parents are the first and most important teachers. In these days when schools are overwhelmed, it’s often up to parents to ensure their children find pleasure in learning. This hands-on examination of books for elementary school students includes playful methods to enhance children’s literacy experiences, and increase the dynamic quality of family reading.

Audience: parents of Kindergarten to 5th grade students
Length of presentation: 75-90 minutes

Looking for Leadership: Values in Children’s Books

What values are important to developing leadership? How do you talk about these? Picture books open wonderful conversations about important facets of life by examining heroes and anti-heroes, their motivations, actions and feelings.

Audience: parents and teachers
Length of presentation: 75-90 minutes

Susie with girlMother-Daughter Shared Journaling

This workshop provides time for mothers and daughters to connect through writing. The prompts evoke the past, celebrate the present, explore thoughts and feelings, surprise and delight, and open what could be an ongoing source of communication.

Audience: grandmothers, mothers, and daughters, ages 8 to 80
Length of presentation: 75-90 minutes