Critique Master Classes

For children’s book writers who:

  • Want to Improve Their Knowledge, Craft, and Manuscripts
  • Want to Grow and Share in a Warm and Supportive Group of Children’s Book Writers

Susie Wilde structures a comfortable, collegial setting with children’s book writers who hone their own work and strengthen skills through critiques. Participants read their stories in the company of other talented group members who listen, evaluate, and offer beneficial comments and suggestions to improve evolving manuscripts. These classes are offered in the evening and morning, and each is limited to six serious writers.

Participants must have completed the introductory classes or have obtained prior approval.

10 weekly 2.5-hour sessions, $500.00


Critique classes with Susie Wilde have been such an important part of my development as a writer for children. She is not only able to help writers hone their stories, but she is also a great resource for understanding the breadth and depth of children’s literature that exists. As a busy professional, the crit class is a treat for me: a welcome time to pull away, focus and reflect on my writing and the goals that I have set. I cherish having time set aside just for that purpose. The opportunity to talk about projects-in-development with other writers in a supportive and creative environment is so worth it!

— Adrea Theodore, author of A History of Me

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Susie’s critique group was exactly what i needed to drive my book to the finish line. Not only did she help me improve my story by leaps and bounds, but she also set me up for success by sharing valuable insight into the publishing industry and children’s literature as a whole. Susie played a pivotal role in bringing my book to fruition, and i am forever grateful for her continued guidance and support.

-Allison Ione Ballenger, author of One More Year

"To say that Susie changed my life is an understatement: I walked into her class knowing nothing about the industry, nothing about the market, and nothing about writing. Her guidance and expertise took me from complete amateur all the way to agented author with a picture book already published and a middle grade novel on its way. I never could have it without her, and can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone who dreams of one day publishing a book of their own."

-Amy Mucha, author of A Girl's Bill of Rights

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