Children’s Book Coaching

Behind image of two girls sitting on the chairs

Children’s Book Coaching sessions are for children’s book writers who want to transform their manuscripts. You can:

  • Improve Your Craft
  • Increase Your Understanding of Writing
  • Deepen Your Characters
  • Clarify Your Ideas
  • Strengthen Your Voice
  • Strategize to Combat Your Common Writing Tics
  • Better Understand Your Writing Gifts

These sessions can be:

  • Single, or in a Series
  • In-Person or Online
  • Weekly or Periodic

In these sessions, you can:

  • Build a Manuscript in a Series of Small Manageable, Guided Steps
  • Attain Consistent Support for Ongoing Projects
  • Prepare a Manuscript for Self-Publication
  • Discuss Questions and Concerns Specific to Your Manuscript
  • Brainstorm New Possibilities and Directions
  • Recognize and Maximize Your Natural Talents
  • Get Unstuck


  • The Fee is $100/hour
  • Evaluation, Editing, and Number of Sessions Are Project-Dependent

To learn more, or arrange a session, contact Susie.


“I recommend Susie Wilde to anyone with a dream of writing a book -- whether you need a writing teacher, an editor, a trusted advisor, or a knowledgeable critic. Susie has exquisitely served as all of these for me!”

Missy Julian Fox, author of Goodnight Carolina

“If a book lives within you, Susie Wilde will help you find it. Susie led me through my middle grade novel that grew from a flimsy picture book idea. Her spot-on technical advice, candid critiques, and endless enthusiasm allowed me to complete the project, but her easy, conversational style of teaching made the process complete fun!”

Tricia Preyer

“How fortunate I am to be accompanied by Susie on my writing journey. Her skills as an observer and as a lively participant make for a perfect combination during this process of creativity. With great ease and talent she switches between roles, encouraging my best work during each session. How can I not succeed with that kind of help?”

Barbel Besseyre