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Children’s Book Classes

Have you always dreamed of writing a children’s book? Susie has classes for every stage of writing. Choose your own writing adventure!

On-line Introductory Classes for FOR WRITING A CHILDREN’S BOOK

Parts I & 2
For children’s book writers who:

  • Have No Idea What to Write About, But I Have Always Wanted to Write a Children’s Book
  • Have Ideas, But Only Vague Notions About How to Turn This Idea Into a Story
  • Are Entering the Field And Want to Gain Familiarity With What’s Currently Being Published

This linked set of five classes blends hands-on exploration of children’s books with exercises to stimulate ideas and opportunities to present your ideas and writing. In Part I, writers will discover how to structure a successful children’s book with well-developed characters who have strong motivations, compelling conflicts, and satisfying resolutions. In Part II, students learn tools that focus on showing, not telling, and help their stories sparkle with style. Elements such as images, sensory descriptions, dialogue, and vivid verbs add to crafting a story that sings.

Both classes are under $150 per 5 weekly class; see registration information on my Events page.

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“Susie's expertise and enthusiasm has guided me in creating a deeper, more developed character, a stronger writing voice and the belief that I am truly a writer.”

“I'm working on a book now, something I've always wanted to do, but couldn’t have done without taking Susie's classes. She not only meets writers wherever they are on the skills continuum, she coaxes out ideas and strategies for developing them.”

Critique classes with Susie Wilde have been such an important part of my development as a writer for children. She is not only able to help writers hone their stories, but she is also a great resource for understanding the breadth and depth of children’s literature that exists. As a busy professional, the crit class is a treat for me: a welcome time to pull away, focus and reflect on my writing and the goals that I have set. I cherish having time set aside just for that purpose. The opportunity to talk about projects-in-development with other writers in a supportive and creative environment is so worth it! — Adrea Theodore, author of A History of Me (Neal Porter Books/Holiday House, 2022).

A three-minute writer’s prompt in Susie’s beginning children’s book class launched an unexpected first novel, and I’ve been lucky to have her expertise, encouragement, and sense humor, plus a fantastic cohort of fellow writers, with me as I close in on the first draft. The difference from the first hesitant, clunky chapters to the confidence and quality of the story today, is remarkable. 

 – Anne-Marie Ljung

Time spent with Susie is not only instructive but inspiring.

-Nancy Phifer


Susie combines unwavering support with genuine feedback and instruction perfect for the first time writer or those of us trying to take the next step forward.

-Andrea Hussong, writer