Back Home

BACK HOME: STORY TIME WITH MY FATHER written by Arlene Elizabeth Casimir and illustrated by Ken Daley

Author Arlene Elizabeth Casimir pictures the power of stories in BACK HOME: STORY TIME WITH MY FATHER. Lune who is  captured every time her Haitian father announces Krik! Krak! and begins a story from lakay (back home). All kinds of moods are captured and they take center stage as they transport Lune to a place she’s never been but knows so well. Other important elements are woven in as Lune must wait for her father to return from extra shifts as he’s bent on improving his family’s life and Lune, inspired by his stories begins telling her own.  Ken Daley’s rich colors bring the lushness of the settings and the stories that come from them. Find more information about this book in the purchase link below.