BOYOGI: HOW A WOUNDED FAMILY LEARNS TO HEAL written by David Barclay Moore and illustrated by Noa Denmon

Parents who want to extend holiday fun and their children’s repertoire of festive customs will find fun in Sheila Colon-Bagley’s LA NOCHE BEFORE THREE KINGS DAY. The familiarity of Clement Mooore’s classic and pronounceable Spanish lead to read aloud ease. Alejandro Mesa’s illustrations accent family closeness and the magic of this holiday. Find your copy at the link below.

This is such an important book and there are so many who need it! David Barclay Moore’s BOYOGI: HOW A WOUNDED FAMILY LEARNED TO HEAL needs to get to suffering family. The family feels real in both its pain and tenderness, the balance working perfectly to avoid didacticism. The main character, Butta Bean is beloved and loving and this adds to the believability and warmth. So do illustrations by Noa Denmon. Whether you know of a family or an organization that aids hurting families with ptsd, this is a perfect gift to give.