Dear Dad- Love Nelson

DEAR DAD: LOVE NELSON by Margarett McBride

Margarett McBride’s DEAR DAD:LOVE NELSON wowed all students in my class in manuscript form and its publication is a gift to children who don’t understand the hurts and hopes of having an incarcerated parent. We were touched by letters from a young boy who struggles to understand everything from what the word “significant” means to how long it will take his father to return from jail. There is so much in this short book—a boy’s longing, working alongside his older sometimes-annoying brother, the cruel inflexibility of prison rules, and the anticipation of a joyous reunion. At the center of this book is the realness of the young protagonist who comes alive with the author’s careful detailing. Illustrator David Wilkerson adds emotions and reality to settings. The book contains resources to aid understanding. Consider donating a copy to your library, or school to let it reach children who need it!