go and get with rex

GO AND GET WITH REX written by David LaRochelle and illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka

David LaRochelle blends his typically intriguing perspective and humor with a structure that models out-of-the-box thinking in GO AND GET WITH REX. Rex is a canine participant competing with two children to fetch animals that satisfy the queries of an unseen gamemaster. Unlike competitors Jack and Jill, Rex’s solutions are unusual, curious and surprising for readers. When the players are sent to find something beginning with the letter F, Jack brings back a frog, Jill brings back a fish, but Rex’s solution is a duck which makes little sense until the duck makes their friendship clear to the narrator. While the book is great for preschoolers practicing initial letters, it also encourages creative problem-solving. Playful llustrations by Mike Wohnoutka add to the fun. Find more information about this book in the purchase link below.